2020 Score Football Blaster Box

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2020 Score Football Blaster Box

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Each Blaster Box contains 1 Exclusive Memorabilia Card, 33 Rookies, 5 Parallels, and 22 Inserts!
A staple of the hobby, Score Football continues to bring a classic look and immense checklist that is sure to be a collector favorite.
Loaded with inserts, new and classic, there is something for all collectors in every pack of 2020 Score Football.
Chase the biggest set of 2020, which features 440 cards and includes 330 base and 110 rookies.
Look for one of the first officially licensed rookie cards and rookie autographs cards from all of the top prospects of the 2020 NFL Draft.

BASE: Score Base utilizes dynamic action photography to create a classic look that is sure to be favorite with collectors.
- Base Gold - Blaster Exclusive
ROOKIES: Score Rookies offers collectors their first chance at getting their favorite new rookies' first official rookie card.
- Rookies Gold - Blaster Exclusive
BASE SIGNATURES: Base Signatures utilizes the same dynamic action photography as the Base, creating a classic signature card for some of the top veteran talent in the NFL.
ROOKIES SIGNATURES: Rookie Signatures offers collectors of both college and NFL a unique chance to get their hands on the rookie's first offical rookie signature card, while still showcasing the player's college team.
TOM BRADY SCORE TRIBUTE AUTOGRAPHS 2000: Honoring the illustrious career of the great Tom Brady, Score introduces a brand new Tom Brady Score Tribute set, chronicling 20 years of Tom Brady Score cards. With auto parallels of each year, this figures to be one of the biggest chases in Score history.
- Tom Brady Score Tribute 2000 - 2019
DEEP DIVE: Deep Dive is a new insert to Score, utilizing dynamic action photography, this card aims to highlight the effort the biggest names in the game go through to get that extra yard.
- Deep Dive Gold - Blaster Exclusive
NEXT LEVEL STATS: A brand-new insert to score, Next Level Stats takes a deeper look at the top players in the NFL to find some of the truly eye-popping stats of 2019.
- Next Level Stats Gold - Blaster Exclusive
IN THE ZONE: In the Zone features a star-studded roster of players who are known for their unmatched talent on the field!
- In the Zone Gold - Blaster Exclusive

11 Packs Per Box, 12 Cards Per Pack